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Cameron’s EU comments leave FURIOUS Tory activists threatening to ABANDON the party

DAVID Cameron has sparked outrage among grassroots Tory party activists after he told MP’s to ignore the views of voters and campaign to stay in the EU.

Amid a passionate House of Commons debate the Prime Minister told backbenchers not to take notice of “what your constituency association might say”.

But the comments have led many ground level campaigners to accuse the Conservative leader of taking advantage of the very people who worked to get him into power – as they threaten to pull support from the party.

A member of the Conservative party’s board said: “I was very saddened to read what the Prime Minister had said.”

“He was talking about the same grassroots members who elected him as Leader of our Party, who pounded the streets delivering millions of leaflets and helped secure his victory in the last election.

“I have had activists contact me and they are very upset and concerned by the Prime Minister’s comments.

“It has been suggested that if we aren’t needed then activists won’t turn up and campaign for Zac as Mayor. If he doesn’t want our input then we won’t back Zac, or come out for the local elections this year.”

Mr Cameron’s polarising comments telling MPs to ignore the opinions of their constituents and the traditionally eurosceptic ideals of the Conservative party are fuelling fears among Brexit supporters that the PM wants to swing the vote in Brussel’s favour.

During a fiery session in parliament, the Prime Minister said: “If you passionately believe in your heart that Britain is better off outside the EU, then you should vote that way.

“If you think, even if it’s on balance, I think Britain’s better off in, go with what you think.

“Don’t take a view because of what your constituency association might say, or you’re worried about a boundary review, or you think it might be advantageous this way or that way.

“Do what’s in your heart, if you think it’s right for Britain then do that.”

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