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Court Adjourns Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial For Treason

The trail of self-acclaimed IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu for alleged treasonable felony has stalled as he, as well as the trail judge Justice Binta Nyako were absent.

Justice Binta could not be in court as he was to attend the All Judges Conference in Abuja.

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This is the second time the leader of the proscribed group, IPOB will be absent in court after the alleged invasion of his home by the military on September 14.

But his co-defendants and a serving senator, Eyinnaya Abaribe, who is one of the three persons standing as sureties for the bail granted the IPOB leader, were in court.

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Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, told the judge on October 17 that Kanu had been missing since soldiers allegedly invaded the IPOB leader’s home.

The trial will resume on December 5.

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