home Entertainment Disney releases 360-degree video teaser for Jungle Book

Disney releases 360-degree video teaser for Jungle Book

Disney releases 360-degree video teaser for Jungle Book

LOS ANGELES — Disney took another step into the world of virtual reality this week by releasing a 360-degree video teaser for its upcoming Jungle Book remake. Cold Lairs, as the video is being called, has been released exclusively through Samsung’s Milk VR app on the company’s Gear VR headsets, but will come to Facebook 360 and possibly other platforms next week as well.

The video puts the viewer into Mowgli’s shoes as the Jungle Book star meets King Louie in all his overwhelming might. Baloo also makes a short appearance, and the viewer can look around to in 360 degrees to get a first feel on how the classic story will feel like with a 2016 CGI and live action set.

Cold Lairs is the second such VR feature to promote the movie; last month, Disney started to show an even more ambitious VR experience at select Imax theaters across the country. Footage from that experience, titled Trust In Me, has since also been released as a 360-degree video on Facebook.

Disney has been exploring VR on multiple fronts, at times going far beyond simple trailers like the one released for Jungle Book. The company participated in a US$65 million round of funding for VR camera maker and production studio Jaunt last September, and also participated in seed funding for the VR distribution platform Littlstar.

And last month, Lucasfilm’s effects unit Industrial Light and Magic showed off a first Star Wars VR experience that could foreshadow a much more ambitious virtual world for the famous franchise. REUTERS

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