home Crime Lady sentenced to minimum 12 years over ‘Facebook murder’ of Boyfriend

Lady sentenced to minimum 12 years over ‘Facebook murder’ of Boyfriend

Lady sentenced to minimum 12 years over ‘Facebook murder’ of Boyfriend

The British woman, 23, was sentenced to at least 12 years over the brutal stabbing death at the pair’s Lancaster home in August last year. During her trial, details of the attack and the events that preceded it were made public.

According to the Lancashire Evening Post, Palmer told a friend moments before the incident took place that: “(Searson) p***es me off sitting on Facebook, completely blanking me when I’m talking to him. All he does is sits there and adds loads of girls.”

Police arrived at the couple’s residence at 12.15am on August 14 following reports a man had been stabbed. Mr Searson was found lying on the kitchen floor with a stab wound in his chest.

He was transported to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary but died a short time later.

Police say Palmer phoned emergency services immediately after the stabbing to report that her partner had accidentally stabbed himself in the chest after they were “messing around” in the kitchen.

Police charged her with murder and a jury agreed on Friday that Mr Searson’s death was no accident.

Investigating Detective Inspector Nina Foley told reporters after sentencing that Mr Searson was “attacked” following a heated verbal argument.

“This was a tragic case where a young man received a single stab wound to his chest during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend,” she said.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of police officers and paramedics, the injury proved fatal.”

Palmer had attacked Mr Searson following an argument that night, giving different accounts to the ambulance service and attending police officers. She went on to give further different versions during interview and her trial this week.

“The events of that night have had far reaching consequences and two families have been left devastated. Sadly, Damon Searson lost his life but Terri Palmer will have to live with the knowledge that she was the one responsible.”

In May, Mr Searson posted on Facebook that he was in a relationship. He shared a picture of himself and Palmer. Below it, the hairdresser now convicted of murder wrote: “What a bird”. Mr Searson responded: “Not bad am I?”

On August 11 and August 13, Mr Searson posted topless photographs. A day later he was lying on his kitchen floor with a stab wound in his chest and a duvet covering his body. Police say the bloodied knife was found on the couch behind where Palmer was sitting, not far from the victim.

It is not the only time social media has played a part in domestic assaults.

In January, a Malaysian man reportedly became jealous over compliments delivered to his partner via Facebook. According to local news reports, a 52-year-old man from Kampung Melayu became enraged over the comments on his 28-year-old girlfriend’s page.

The New Straits Times reported an argument ensued and axe was swung at the woman’s head, hands and legs. She suffered a swollen right eye and bruises on her hands.

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