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When we talk about Microsoft live support, the first name that comes to our mind is Microsoft. After all it is the company who made Windows, Outlook, and Internet Explorer among other products.It’s not just you but more than half of the world uses Microsoft products and hence requires timely Microsoft support to take care of the problems that occur and could recur any time during the day or night. Today, numerous Microsoft support options are available to users across the world. There are several companies other than Microsoft that offer excellent Microsoft live support to customers across the world for Microsoft product problems.Support is available for all the lines of Microsoft products including Windows 7, XP, Vista, Office, Windows Server, Outlook, or Internet Explorer etc. You might wonder what could possibly differentiate such companies from Microsoft. The major difference you can find is that of pricing and access. Third-party companies offer more affordable and immensely convenient technical help options as compared to Microsoft. Since Microsoft is a giant with massive operations and also seems expensive only to business users, it might have a greater hold time when users may call in for support. Most of the time such support can only be afforded by businesses. However, third-party companies may dedicatedly cater 24×7 to both business and individual users for technical problems related to Microsoft products.

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